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Converting to Natural Gas

When converting to natural gas, you’re not only helping the environment but you will save money as well. Gas is a clean, natural, efficient and instant form of generating heat. Hili Plumbing and Gas specialises in all things gas related. If you do not have natural gas available on your street, there is always the option of LPG bottled gas.

If you already have natural gas available at the street, the government has an incentive going at the moment where connection form the street to your own meter is free of charge, providing there is natural gas available on your street, (contact your current energy supplier for more information). Its is a great time to take up this opportunity and make the switch. After this is established, a gasfitter can then come and connect the gas from your meter to your home.

Once you have established the connection, you have the option to replace the following appliances to natural gas:

  • Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Hot water service
  • Heater

Please note that not all homes can be changed to all of the above gas appliances, consult a plumber before making any plans to make the switch to make sure your home is compatible. For any more information regarding making the change, please call Andrew on 0422293260.

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